The sky’s the limit for Brisbane investors


Over recent weeks we have been focusing on the many multi-billion dollar developments currently in the pipeline for the city of Brisbane. Each project is hugely significant in its own right (that is no surprise), but the real “wow” factor comes then when you look at all the pieces of the puzzle put together. When you do that, we can expect to see a complete transformation of Brisbane’s skyline by 2022 – and that is super exciting!!


The next 14 years signal epic times ahead for Brisbane thanks to a series of large-scale, multi-billion dollar projects. When we say epic we mean it!



More than $10 billion worth of major projects are due to be completed in 2022. This is set to include the Howard Smith Wharves redevelopment, the Queens Wharf casino and entertainment complex, and Brisbane Quarter – just to name a few.


As professionals based in Brisbane we know all too well that a string of major projects (such as these) will give the city of Brisbane, as we know it, a completely new makeover. But, for the economy, it is much more than that, with many underpinning the transformation as a “game changer” for the city, included Brisbane Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk.


"Projects of this size take years to come to fruition and we have been working on them behind the scenes for a long time," Cr Quirk said.


"Well-considered planning over many years is now delivering.


"Several major projects and infrastructure works are moving forward at the same time and they will collectively change the face of the city."


Let us take a look at what is in store for Brisbane (and its investors) over the next six years –


1.   The north bank of the Brisbane River will be dominated by two new developments:


a.    The $3 billion Queens Wharf precinct to the east.

b.    The $800 million Brisbane Quarter to the west.


2.   Down river, under the Story Bridge, the much-anticipated $100-million Howard Smith Wharves development – set to include a new events centre, public parkland and repurposed heritage buildings, as well as a 164-room Art Series hotel.


3.   Brisbane Airport's new $1.3 billion parallel runway.


4.   The $1.54 billion Brisbane Metro rapid transit system.


5.   A new $100 million cruise ship facility at Luggage Point.


 According to Cr Quirk, Brisbane is in a position to capitalise on sustained economic growth.


"Greater Brisbane's economy has seen rapid expansion," he said.


"It's now estimated to be worth $146 billion, which is almost half of Queensland's economic output and is on track to reach $217 billion by 2031."


With such massive growth forecasted for Brisbane's CBD, it would seem that Queensland’s capital is on the verge of one completely epic transformation of the city’s skyline by 2022… meaning, the sky (literally) is the limit for our investors.


Fortunately, we pride ourselves on specialising in Brisbane CBD property, which means when it comes to building your investment strategy around this transforming city of ours, there is no one better (and more equipped) to help you, than the team here at HS Brisbane Property.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Hannah on 0419 782 133.


Want to see the transformation for yourself? For an interactive view at the changing shape of Brisbane, check out the image sliders in this Brisbane Times article -

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